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Television Internships
Pump Up The Volume


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As you know, this website has been designed to help you get that dream television internship.  We hope that you have found it educational, useful, informative, and more importantly, helpful.  Here is your opportunity to tell us what you think.  Was there something that wasn't clear?  Was there something that you wanted answered that wasn't?  Was there something you thought was missing?  Maybe you wanted to let us know that you got that big internship that you were looking for and we helped!  Or maybe you just want to tell us how much you like the website.  This is your chance to tell us about what you think.  That way, we can continue to make this website as helpful as possible.  So pump up the volume...we are listening.  And good luck on landing that TV internship!

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Please send us any comments, suggestions, or testimonials either in the above form or directly at  We'd love to hear from you!

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