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Television Internships
The Insider's Guide


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"The Insider's Guide to TV Internships," is a recommended tool for the serious TV internship seeker. Written by a television professional whose own internships spanned from CBS to ABC, he knows what it takes to impress those who make the decisions. "The Insider's Guide to TV Internships," is based on interviews with other television professionals curently in the field - all who have been interns, some of which who have been hired by the companies they interned for!  It's an insider's guide to getting an internship from those who have done it succesfully, and those who make the decisions. Those who have been interviewed include professionals who work for networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, ESPN, and CNN.  "The Insider's Guide to TV Internships," steers you through the internship process giving tips and pointers along the way.
If you are looking for an added edge on how to specifically tailor your cover letter and resume, or are looking for in-depth interview methods, "The TV Internship Guide," may be the difference maker in your search. 
  • The Insider's Guide unlocks techniques to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the competition. 
  • Gives you techniques to ensure that you make contact with the exact person you need to talk to. 
  • It reveals words and language that you should utilize when writing cover letters and resumes...language that intern coordinators look for.  
  • Examples and tips to help you decide which type of resume is best for you and the secret to why one resume is more likely to impress than the other. 
  • Shares proven interview methods to impress and get around those trick questions. 
  • It also contains a large directory of addresses and telephone numbers of TV internships to assist you in your search.
  • Reveals tried and true methods on the best way to impress those that make decisons
TV Internships are some of the most competitive internships to come by.  The reality is that practically everyone in television has had some type of TV internship before breaking into it as their career.  Unfortunately, with so many people wanting the internship experience, there aren't enough slots available.  So don't get left out!  Because we're here to make sure that you don't!


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