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They say there is no business like show business and that is the absolute truth.  Whether you want to be involved in the excitement of entertainment or you love the adrenaline rush of the breaking news story, there is nothing like the thrill, immediacy, and potency of television. It can make people laugh, bring people to tears, and help people heal and understand all at once.
However, to launch a career in television, experience is the key and the best way to get experience is with an internship. The National Society for Internships and Experiental Education (NSIEE) estimates that over one-third of college students complete internships before they graduate.  And the great majority of people working in television all have held internships in some related field. 
Internships in TV are not only great resume builders, and a way to get the ever so important experience under your belt, but it is a sure fire way to network and meet potential contacts. An internship can be a doorway to a job offer and ultimately a career. Sounds like something most people want? You betcha! And that's the downside, television internships are increasingly finding it hard to meet the demand. But don't fret, we're here to maximize your chances on landing that coveted internship. So roll up your sleeves and let's get on with the show!


  • What type of internship are you looking for? 
         -  Sports? News? Entertainment? 
  •  What kind of schedule can you handle?
  • Where geographically can you/are you willing to intern?

TIP: Although some TV internships may pay a stipend, or some amount of money to cover travel expenses, the majority of TV internships do not. However, practically all TV internships require that interns receive some type of school or departmental credit. Make sure your school has some sort of provision for this and take the necessary steps to secure credit; otherwise, that dream internship that you landed may slip right through your fingers!

Make sure that you apply at the earliest possible date that they are accepting applications and resumes so you beat the rush...and don't forget that all too important follow up call.

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